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Clean, compact and hassle free. Make your life easier when you go for walks with your dog. A ball thrower and poop scooper in one.

The revolutionary Dogget ball launcher and poop scooper is designed to make your life easier when you go for walks with your dog.

Dogget Ball Thrower Poop Scooper

  • Easy to carry - wrist strap
  • Easy to clean
  • Securely holds either  ball or poop
  • Durable design

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Ball
  • 1 x A roll of biodegradable waste bags
  • 1 x Poop scooper/ball launcher

  We all know the worst part of walking your dog is the responsibility to clean

 up after they poop and having to carry it around.

 What’s better than being able to carry around a ball, a ball thrower, plastic bags, and a poop scooper all in one compact device?Dogget Ball Thrower/ Poop Scooper features a squeezable body, that opens up to store a ball, or when you need to scoop up poop, just remove the ball,place the plastic bag inside, to ensure your hands remain clean and there is no direct contact with the poop. Pick up after your beloved pet, tie up the bag,shake it out of the device and return your ball. You ball thrower, your pet's toy and your hands are all clean!  

So grab a Dogget today (strictly limited stock only!) and just enjoy your walks with your best friend!


  1. Squeeze it: To open dogget so you can pick up a ball or scoop poop, squeeze the sides of the mouth on the razed finger pads. Releasing will allow its unique shape to scoop up and grab it.
  2. Bag it: Remove the ball and get a bag from the handle. Squeeze dogget and insert the bag with the ends pulled down the outside. It will grab a little pile with ease and a little scooping will collect up even the biggest pile. Gather up the end of the bag and twist several times to seal, tuck in the end to hold fast until you can bin it.
  3. Carry it: Dogget will carry a ball, a roll of bags and a bag of doggie deposits. Looping the wrist strap through your lead means you don’t have to hold it, while you're walking, but it’s on hand, when you need it.
  4. Toss it: When you have trashed any nasty stash, it just takes a quick squeeze to pick up the ball and a good flick to throw.